Is metal dead?
Born in the great state of Utah, TERA VEGA stands for truth, soul, and defiance against the norm. Five men from different walks of life, have come together and blended their styles to bring an answer to this question; Metal is alive, and TERA VEGA is forging a new kind.

Dustin: Drummer, producer, and founding member. He is the backbone of the band.

Jimbo: Guitarist, composer, and founding member. He provides the musical composition that is the defining sound of TERA VEGA. 

Journey: Guitarist and backing vocals. An important part of the bands guitar driven sound and melodic vocals.  

Ian: Bassist and newest member. He completes the lineup, and is the heartbeat of the band.

Zach: Vocalist and Lyricist. He delivers the unique message and voice of TERA VEGA.  

after releasing their first album and making their presence known, tera vega has taken the utah metal scene by storm. with metal at its core and soul in its heart, tera vega is poised to take on the world.

"We want to bring real metal back."



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